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Arizona Gives Day 2017

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Blue_InvestAZ-01-2 Arizona Gives Day 2017Have you heard of Arizona Gives Day?

If you haven’t, allow us to introduce you to this statewide, 24-hour, online giving campaign that’s all about helping people find, learn about, and contribute to the causes they believe in. Taking place the first Tuesday in April every year, Arizona Gives Day is an meaningful way to be a part of a mass boost for philanthropy in our state. Arizona non-profits have an economic impact of $22.4 billion (more than 8 percent of Arizona’s gross state product) and provide 325,000 jobs, meaning they do good not just for the individuals they serve, but for our entire state. Arizona Gives Day provides an opportunity for any Arizonan to reflect on this impact and choose a nonprofit to support financially.

The Halle Heart Children’s Museum is very pleased to be a part of this wonderful charitable event!

As a non-profit entity, the Halle Heart Children’s Museum exists to provide education for children and adults about how to lead heart-healthy lives free of cardiovascular disease and stroke. We think it’s a cause anyone can be passionate about! With exciting field trips for schools, numerous interactive programs for children from toddlers to teens, and an all-around awe-inspiring 8 major exhibits (all for the lowest admission fee in town), we believe we’re building a healthier tomorrow.

We hope you’ll join us by choosing the Halle Heart Museum as your cause of choice on Arizona Gives Day. We invite you to donate now by visiting our Arizona Gives Day page.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in the lives of children and the future of Arizona’s health!

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Lub Dub’s Family-Friendly Challenge

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Logo-300x284 Lub Dub's Family-Friendly ChallengeFall is here and outdoor temperatures are taking a welcomed decline. Every year, as the weather cools, families get excited as outdoor activities resume. This November 7th, we invite you and your family, your neighbors, churches and community groups to come together to enjoy a fun and FREE event.

Lub Dub’s Healthy Heart Challenge is a friendly competition among teams consisting of both children and adults. Teams of 2-6 members will “race” between 10 activity stations located around the museum’s Tempe neighborhood where they will complete a task that emphasizes a key learning from the museum, such as making smart food choices, exercising, not using tobacco and more. The challenge will be followed by a festival in and around the museum. Teams will compete for exciting prizes all while learning to be heart healthy.

The event is FREE! Learn more and sign up at www.heart.org/lubdubchallenge

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Help Reduce Childhood Obesity in Arizona

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hhcm1 Help Reduce Childhood Obesity in Arizona

The Halle Heart Children’s Museum is holding its first-ever fundraising event on June 3, 2015 to share our mission and help spread the word about the work we are doing to help create a generation of healthier kids. As part of this event, we are looking for sponsors — please see the attached flyer outlining the sponsorship levels for the breakfast event along with some additional longer-term museum partnership opportunities.

You probably already know that heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in America, accounting for one out of every four deaths (or about 600,000) each year. But did you know that heart disease is around 80% preventable simply by eating a healthy diet, exercising and not smoking? Despite this, more than 25% of Arizona’s kids are overweight and 1 in 8 kids in Arizona are obese — all of which leads to a lifetime of heart health issues.

Each year more than 30,000 kids, teachers and parents tour the Halle Heart Children’s Museum to learn how to live a heart healthy life, and beginning this year we will educate thousands more kids now that we’re open to the general public for the first time. By being a sponsor at our breakfast Pearson can make a real difference in the health of Arizona’s kids.