HHCM Leadership Committee Job Description

Objective: The HHCM leadership committee champions the fundraising success of the HHCM through personal and corporate giving, as well as influencing the involvement and giving of others. Leverage your networks (personal and professional) to fund the HHCM and expand its footprint in various ways. Details on how you will be successful are listed below, under roles and responsibilities.

Who Serves on the Leadership Committee? Individuals who have the desire and passion to help spread the HHCM’s message, and also have connections within the Phoenix community who are wanting to do the same.

Length of term: 1 year, 2 hours/month, depending on the time of year.

Roles and responsibilities:

  1. An understanding of what the museum has to offer and opportunities for funding (rentals, memberships, giving society, sponsorships, etc.)
  2. Give a meaningful, personal gift of $250 or more
  3. Host Museum tours for your networks, year-round
  4. Participate in bi-monthly committee strategy meetings in the fall (August, October and December) and monthly meetings in the spring (January through May)
  5. Host a table of potential donors (7+) at the annual Club Lub Dub Breakfast ask event (May of 2018)
  6. Work directly with HHCM Director – may include brief monthly meetings, in-person or over the phone as needed
  7. Willingness to discuss corporate sponsorship opportunities within your company
  8. Be an advocate and ambassador for the HHCM and recruit others to do the same
  9. Utilize social media where applicable to build awareness for heart disease and heart health. Use #HHCM and #LubDub to track our impact

If you are interested in learning more about this or other volunteer opportunities with the Halle Heart Children’s Museum please contact Cara Foster, HHCM Marketing and Development Director, American Heart Association, at (602) 414-5352 or cara.foster@heart.org.