Amber Get to Know a Heart Guide: Amber

At the Halle Heart Children’s Museum, we love our Heart Guides! These awesome employees guide groups on tours of the museum, sharing how to live a heart-healthy lifestyle and educating kids about the cardiovascular system and heart. We caught up with Heart Guide Amber Andrade for a little chat about who she is and what she likes to do. Here’s what she had to say…

What’s your favorite thing about working at the HHCM?

Being around the kids, and everyone on the Heart Guide team is amazing! It’s a really fun environment to work in.

Tell us something you think is really interesting about the human heart!

In your lifetime, the heart pumps about 1 million barrels of blood–enough to fill three super tankers. I find that so interesting!

Tell us about yourself!

I go to ASU, where I’m studying Science of Healthcare Delivery. I’m on a pre-med track, deciding between medical school and PA school. I’m involved with community service through a club called Devils Pitching In. We do local service projects around Tempe and are going to the Dominican Republic in March to teach kids English.

What interests you about science and healthcare?

I’ve been interested in science and healthcare since I was a little kid. I wanted to be a veterinarian–I think that’s everyone’s dream when they’re a kid. I’ve just been on that path ever since. I still love animals, but I don’t think I could take care of them when they’re sick.

What’s your favorite fruit or vegetable?

Strawberries and avocados.

How about your favorite way to be active?

I would probably say hiking or playing volleyball. I played volleyball in high school, and I play recreationally now.

A fun fact about you:

I’ve never broken a bone.

Where’s your dream vacation destination?

Dubai! I’ve always wanted to go there. The luxury environment sounds so interesting. I want to go shopping there, and the tallest building in the world is there–I’d love to go to the top of it! And they have super nice cars. I’m a huge car person.

Anything else you want to tell us?

Go Devils!!